About BlackYogaMagic

BlackYogaMagic is an online global directory featuring Black Yoga teachers of the African diaspora from around the world. Our goal is to make Yoga wellness more visible and accessible for the Black community. When it comes to raising awareness for Black health and healing, there is no such thing as having too many resources. To that end, BlackYogaMagic strives to become one of the best resources for finding professional Black Yoga teachers in every region of the globe.

“When you cannot find the community you want, make it yourself. When you do not fit into spaces that exist, create your own.”

Founded by Black queer Yoga teacher Eternity Philops, BlackYogaMagic was birthed from the deep desire and socially conscious need to highlight the presence of Black teachers in the White-washed discipline of Yoga. Mainstream Yoga spaces are saturated with mostly thin, femme White bodies, leading many Black folks and other people of color to believe that Yoga is not for them. The BlackYogaMagic directory challenges this assumption head on by explaining the true essence of Yoga and featuring a plethora of Black Yoga teachers who have embraced their calling to share Yoga with others.

BlackYogaMagic recognizes the extreme importance of Black Yoga students being able to learn from Black Yoga teachers. There is a divine healing that takes place when socially marginalized people have instructors who look like them, when Black Yoga students have Black Yoga teachers who:

– Honor their Black identities
– Embrace their Black bodies
– Share their Black experiences
– Understand their Black struggles
– Appreciate their Black beauty

Black Yoga teachers exist because we are necessary for our communities, for our people.

We are BlackYogaMagic.