Terrina Alexandria Johnson: New York City, New York, USA

I began on my yoga journey in 2016. Once I started, I found solace in meditation. I believe the beauty of yoga starts once you arrive on your mat. On the mat, we learn “body intelligence.” We learn to breathe; we learn to sit in silence; we learn to sit through discomfort. My belief with practicing meditation is that your practice carries you into “life off of the mat”… letting go of what is done in order to connect to what is now. My classes focus on pranayama (breath work) meditation, mind body awareness, and owning one’s own mindfulness of breath and a safe space to be.

My yoga experience was filled with doubt at first, but as I learned to connect to myself and disconnect to all of the outside chatter, I became focused on MY practice. Yoga has helped me mentally first and foremost. I then became physically strong. My spirit regained strength as well. The “off the mat” motto became very clear to me. I was able to move more openly, honestly, and authentically in the world. Once I took the journey in achieving my 200-hour certification, it all clicked in the most genuine of ways.

Yoga Styles and Wellness Specialties:

  • Breath Work Meditation
  • Gentle Hatha Yoga

Certification Schools and Registries:

  • 200HR: The Yoga Room, Victoria Greene, 2018

Teaching Availability:

  • Local Studio
  • Private In-Person Sessions

Contact Information:

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