Crystal Price: Washington, DC, USA

I am always both a teacher and a student. Actually, I learned more about being a teacher by being a student. As both a teacher and a student, yoga means the same thing: To unite. To unite one’s mind with one’s body, and the ability to acknowledge the difference. My goal is to help people connect with themselves and find time to be still in a world that never stops.

I began practicing hot yoga roughly around 2010 in an attempt to tone my body without being intimidating by the likes of a gym. It served its purpose so I continued to practice, but more for my body than me. When I entered teacher training, I found the real reason and gravitated towards it. Yoga became a personal journey of self that I could not get enough of. The way my body felt after an intense flow, the way my mind released all clutter, the way my mind cooperated with my body to do things that I never thought I’d be able to do made me want to teach people dealing with life’s stressors to be able to do the same.

I am now an RYT-200 yoga instructor and I have been teaching yoga since late 2018. It has been such a rewarding experience. My target audience is anyone interested in taking a journey into themselves. Men, women, and everyone in between are welcome to join class and share space with me. I continue to teach because of the response that I get from students. They tell me how relaxed they become in both mind and body, and I want to spread that to as many people as possible.

Yoga Styles and Wellness Specialties:

  • Vinyasa Flow

Certification Schools and Registries:

  • 200HR: CorePower Yoga, Maria Barone, 2018
  • 50HR: Ganja Yoga, Dee Dessault, 2019
  • Yoga Alliance: RYT-200

Teaching Availability:

  • Local Studio:
    Green Light Studio – Washington, DC, USA
  • Private In-Person Sessions

Contact Information:

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