Nielah Burnett: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

I am a 500HR RYT Yoga Instructor. I earned my first 200HR Certification in Atlanta Georgia in 2014. I specialized in Egyptian Yoga, a meditative yoga style that aims to synchronize breath and movement. Before I moved from Atlanta to Nashville in 2011, I envisioned myself opening a wellness center that brought together diet, exercise, and other wellness solutions. I set off to do so in 2011 by focusing on diet solutions and selling juice/smoothies at fitness and summer festivals. The smoothies and juices were massively successful. After I earned my 200HR certification, I decided to pursue juice and yoga together as one business by the name of InnerG, a play on the word “energy.” Its spelling invokes a sense of introspection. The G stands for the word “genius” which is defined as “the art of making uncommon connections.” When taken together, InnerG means an empowered self-awareness for empowered well-being. I spent four years studying the beverage and fitness industry, demoing juice and yoga, constructing and deconstructing websites, social media. I wanted to create an inspirational, vibrant brand that made minority women and men love pursuing their best selves.

InnerG Juice and Yoga came to life after a tragedy. In June of 2018, I learned I was expecting my second child. My heart was delighted, but I was in the process of building Nashville’s first and only yoga studio & juice bar combination. Adding this endeavor to my full time job and full time mothering made for a busy schedule, yet my personal yoga practice and regular juicing were preventative passions that helped me balance her mind, body, and emotions.

In November of 2018, my fiance and I took a vacation to Madrid, Spain. I was 24 weeks pregnant, and thought of this trip as a reprieve as well as the last one we’d take for a while after the baby was born. Our romantic plans were to drive the coastline, visiting several cities between Madrid and Barcelona. On the third day of their vacation, my water broke while we were in Spanish-speaking Sevilla, Spain. Within 12 hours, I was hospitalized in Sevilla for severe blood loss, and had an emergency surgery to save my life by delivering my daughter. Although born alive, within nine days, my daughter’s heart stopped beating in NICU.

InnerG is a journey of tragedy and triumph. Although the idea to open a yoga studio & juice bar had been in the making since June of 2011, the commitment to its existence in 2019 is a tribute to my daughter. In the months since my tragedy, juicing has helped me to regularly cleanse my mind, body, and my heart of blockages that insight tumultuous emotions. My yoga practice helps me to transmute my grief into a healing that I want others to experience.

Why does this matter? Because my tragedy is not unique. Not only are African American women more likely to suffer birth complications, loss and trauma are inevitable in the human experience. Wellness gaps and the effects of loss and trauma are under-treated in communities where the expectation is to be strong and move on. We lose loved ones, suffer ailments, and experience life-altering setbacks often. And our worlds do not pause while we recover. Yet these events complicate our well-being. These events manifest restraints on our ability to live happy, healthy lifestyles.

InnerG Juice and Yoga empowers self-awareness for empowered living. I want to build a community that supports the progress of its members through all phases of life. While we cannot stop life from happening, I offer healthy coping habits, for the bounce back that many need daily to continue succeeding at our dreams.

Yoga Styles and Wellness Specialties:

  • Egyptian Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Cold-Pressed Juices

Certification Schools and Registries:

  • 200HR: Kemetic Science Institute, Neter Aunkh Aakhu, 2014
  • 300HR: Baptiste Power Yoga, Liz Vehyl and Chris Byford, 2019

Teaching Availability:

  • Private In-Person Sessions
  • Private Virtual Sessions

Contact Information:

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