Abiké Ajilowura: London, England, United Kingdom

I have been teaching yoga since 2014. I only began practicing yoga in 2011 in order to improve my health and well-being after an extended period of illness. It was also in a period of massive changes in my life and without actually realising it, yoga became my one stabilising and grounding factor. My yoga journey has gently guided me onto the path of African Spirituality and most importantly back to my Yoruba heritage. It has increased my appreciation and value of myself as a Yoruba woman, of my people, the nature of Yoruba life and the beauty of the Yoruba language. I am yet to bring this aspect of my life to my yoga practice as I am still learning. However yoga practice can be directly traced back to the Yoruba, it’s known as ‘ Lati Ro’ which means to be elastic/ flexible.

For me, yoga is like medicine. A small regular dose of yoga can take you a long way, healing the body as well as the mind and the soul. I love to teach yoga and I have discovered I have a talent for being able to bring the best out of people. I love that I am able to be creative, physical, strong and passionate. When I hold space, this is when I feel at my best and I can reveal my truest self; I am received for who I am and appreciated. It makes me feel like I have genuinely begun to find my real purpose and I am now in service working in my own small way to heal support and strengthen those whose pathways cross mine.

My style is known as Soulflow Yoga, a power flow that at heart will get you fit not just for the mat but also life. My students love the practice, they love the music, and we love being together. Many friendships have been formed and even a few babies born over the years. I work with the very young, the very old, and all those who fall in between. We work with the body that we have today to build a stronger body for tomorrow. In this way we can apply yoga to everyday life by utilising that which is ours as the foundation for growth tomorrow.

As a teacher, yoga allows me support students and guide them through their yoga practice. I offer assistance where and when required, and spend much time in observation of practice or listening to feedback. Teaching yoga has been challenging as much as it feels completely natural. It has required from me resilience and discipline. It has also given me full joy and happiness. I get goosebumps when I see the class moving as one and the more I observe their movement the more I learn. I always yearn to learn more in order to share more.

As a student of yoga, it has given me a safe place to be. The familiarity of my mat can be an escape from the world outside. Yoga has and continues to heal me. Not just physically but emotionally. I have learnt to have confidence in myself and my abilities. I have learnt how to let go physically and emotionally, On the mat I have begun to conquer my fears and I have learnt humility. As a practitioner early on I would trod from class to class in order to get my fix for yoga. Now I am not so hungry. I now have to bring balance and aim to practice daily.

Yoga Styles and Wellness Specialties:

  • Power Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Trapeze Yoga
  • Silver Yoga (age 60+)

Certification Schools and Registries:

  • YMCA Fit Yoga Professionals, Conrad Duckworth, 2014

Teaching Availability:

  • In-Home Studio
  • Private In-Person Sessions

Contact Information: