Jada Wright Nichols: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I walked out of my first yoga class. I was young, strong, hyper-flexible, but I was not ready for the quiet pace. Several years later, yoga found me when I suffered with debilitating migraines. Yoga was the only modality left for me to try. I walked into a Bikram yoga class, and kept going back nearly every day for eight years. To this day, I have not had a migraine headache since my 3rd yoga class.

In addition to pain relief, I gained strength, focus, stability, compassion, forgiveness, patience, self-control, and grace. I learned how to take those principles off of the mat and into the real world. As an occupational therapist, I began to incorporate more and more yoga into my work with post-surgical patients, stroke survivors, breast cancer survivors, and women with pelvic floor conditions.

I finally went to Costa Rica for my 200 level YTT, and have been teaching and practicing ever since. I live to teach various forms yoga and meditation to those who may not have easy access to it. I teach to individuals and groups with different abilities. I have taught to incarcerated young offenders and women. I have taught in hot studios, senior residence centers, to athletic teams, in fitness centers, at summer camps, in schools, at churches, at retreats, and at corporate wellness events.

I am the owner of Blossom Health and Maternal Wellness and Yo Mama Collective, which together provide yoga and meditation for mothers, children, and families, both virtually and in-person.

Yoga Styles and Wellness Specialties:

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Yin Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Kids Yoga
  • Guided Meditation
  • Massage Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pelvic Floor Therapy
  • Lymphedema Therapy

Certification Schools and Registries:

  • 200HR: Nosara Yoga Institute, 2011

Teaching Availability:

  • Private Virtual Sessions
  • Private In-Person Sessions

Contact Information:

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