Coach Mel: Mesa, Arizona, USA

I had always taken yoga classes here and there, with friends. It was always a trendy cool workout for us to do right before brunch. You know, so we could polish off the mimosas and waffles without guilt or shame. But then I made a pivot in my life and started on a path to connect with my soul’s cry for inner wisdom. I started taking classes at a healing arts school and studied yoga nidra. This is where yoga began for me.

I found freedom, found healing, found a way to manage my stress, emotions and unhelpful addictions through this effortless technique of yogic sleep meditation. I had to learn more, so shortly after finishing that course, I enrolled in yoga teacher training; where my love for yoga grew deeper and stronger.

As a yoga teacher, yoga is an equal alignment of mind, body and soul. It’s not just body movement, but the ability to still and steady the mind, and to align with our soul’s higher self, which connects us and brings us closer to God. Yoga has not only changed my life but saved my life as well. Had it not been for yoga, the solitude of quarantine would have launched me into old self-destructive habits of the past. But I emerged healthier and stronger than I have ever been.

The combination of mind, body, and breath and the connection to spirit are what makes yoga an absolute must for those that struggle with stress, depression and anxiety. My classes focus on stilling the mind, connecting to our bodies and integrating the breath. Students will walk away with tools and resources that are helpful on and off the mat; techniques to help them manage the daily chaos of life with confidence, self-awareness and renewed strength.

I also specialize in Yoga Nidra, which is a sleep based meditation technique and a practice of awareness at the deepest level of relaxation. It changes your reaction patterns and helps you to “let go.” It is a profound state of mindfulness: combining breath, body and awareness techniques to take you into deeper brainwave states than traditional mindfulness meditation.

Yoga Styles and Wellness Specialties:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Life Coach

Certification Schools and Registries:

  • 200HR: South West Institute of Healing Arts/Spirit of Yoga, Laura Mackenzie, June 2020

Teaching Availability:

  • Private In-Person Sessions
  • Private Virtual Sessions

Additional Locations

  • Tempe, Arizona, USA
  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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