D’Andre Quinerly: Providence, Rhode Island, USA

I came to yoga as a self-care practice and as a challenge to overcome the inflexible possibilities of my body and mind. I was willing to be the only Black man doing yoga in my rough neighborhood. In many ways, it allowed me to express the audacity befitting any Black man actively practicing a form of self-care, especially in public, on a deck overlooking a neighborhood where self-destruction is more common. I saw it as a way of reminding people of their own power.

Kimberly Archibald Russell: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

After 30 years of corporate work, I teach yoga full time, partnering with Black community nonprofit agencies to bring the practice to nontraditional yoga spaces: churches, libraries, recreation/community centers, nursing homes and senior centers. Everyone should have access to this practice to be holistically well, empowered, and able to pursue their life’s purpose.

Howard Palmer: Denver, Colorado, USA

I am a Jamaican-born self-care and wellness advocate who uses mindful movement to inspire and instruct busy families to prioritize calm, intentional daily actions. Having survived two open-heart surgeries as a child, and experiencing the death of a close friend in my childhood physical rehab center, I began my journey to inner peace far beforeContinue reading “Howard Palmer: Denver, Colorado, USA”

Eternity Philops: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

I work to make Black and QTPOC communities aware that Yoga and Self-positive, holistic wellness is indeed open to them. I want people who look and live like me to see more Yoga and wellness teachers who look and live like them. And I want people to know that Yoga serves not just the body, but the heart, mind, and spirit as well.

Teachers Around the World

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