Why is there a cost for membership?

BlackYogaMagic is a community-centered project born of a passion to help spread Yoga to more Black people. While ideally this would be done for free, the fact is that this project incurs many costs, both monetarily and energetically. Lots of time and labor has gone into launching this directory, and continues to go into fine-tuning it and promoting it. Prior to the launch, many hours were put into crafting the website and designing the logo. There are fees for the basic necessities like the web address and website hosting. There are fees for ads to spread the word about the directory’s presence. And constant time and labor goes into reaching out to teachers, organizing profiles, maintaining the associated social media pages, and more.

In short, BlackYogaMagic isn’t free to exist. It takes hard, dedicated work. Work I am happy and honored to do, but work that, at present, I simply cannot afford to do without compensation. Hopefully that will change one day and I can support this project with my own income. But that day is not here yet.

I want to keep the directory ad-free, and I want the information provided to be freely accessible to readers and those looking for Black Yoga teachers. There are already enough barriers to wellness in Black communities, and putting BlackYogaMagic behind a paywall would only add to that. So instead I get financial support from the teachers. Because the work that goes into this directory directly affects and benefits you, the featured teacher and proud member. This directory belongs to you. It belongs to all of us.

And that is why I always say that I am honored to have you as a part of BlackYogaMagic. Because there absolutely would be no directory—no success—without you!

Namasté and Asé

Eternity Philops
Founder & Organizer